"I don't even have the words to express my absolute gratitude to you. Seriously. Today I felt like a freaking goddess... There is a beautiful freedom in feeling comfortable and like you fit in. 

How powerful clothes really are. You are helping women live better with less. And you're awesome. And you're making the world a better place. 

Can you believe that, for under $1000 I've updated my wardrobe to make it current, beautiful, and comfortable? Holy shit, life is exciting! 

And I just want to reaffirm with you, how important what you offer is. You seriously have no idea. Okay, you have a little bit of an idea because that's why you do it, but you don't understand how much you offer. To have an impartial, loving, compassionate, gentle, witty, intelligent, and savvy woman with you, when you're at your most vulnerable.... it's priceless. 

I can honestly say I've NEVER enjoyed shopping. In. My. Life. And yesterday was a hoot. We smashed it. And where my little devil in the back of my head would have started getting me down when things didn't fit, you were there to distract me. We laughed about the things that looked horrid. It was awesome. 

Such a positive and empowering thing, Hannah. Really. To have someone there to help me through it. Ugh. You're amazing. 

Thank you thank you thank you. For your time, for your chats, for your laughter, for your expertise, for just being you. You have a lovely soul that you should nurture. The world needs you. 

Thank you for being amazing."

Jess, Police Officer

After 6 years of being either pregnant or my body recovering from being pregnant, it was finally time to review my entire wardrobe and update it for everyday casual wear, work, evenings out and a special milestone birthday
With Hannah’s help, over a couple of sessions we cleared out plenty of space in my wardrobe and added a great selection of new clothes.  I finally feel like I have something to wear for every occasion, be it a night out, going to work or simply a day running around with the kids. 
I instantly felt so comfortable with Hannah and she took me to new and interested shops. She was also mindful of budget and keeping the suggestions cost appropriate. I usually don’t enjoy clothes shopping but having Hannah by my side, she made the experience enjoyable and I felt more confident in my buying decisions having her feedback and assistance every step of the way.
Since our shop, I often get compliments from friends and strangers about my clothes and asking where I got certain pieces. Hannah, thank you so much!

Debi, HR Manager

"It was so nice to walk into my wardrobe on Monday morning and not look at a pile of clutter but instead and clean and orderly wardrobe. I can believe how amazing it is to have a tidy and uncluttered wardrobe. I used to think I need to clean this out every morning when I went in and it is nice not to have to think of that any more. I was expecting it would take me a whole weekend to clean it out so it was nice that it only took a few hours and now I don’t have to think about it anymore.

I have to say I was a little nervous about letting a stranger into my horrendous wardrobe but Hannah made me feel completely comfortable and un judged and whilst we sent a lot of stuff of the the charity I did not feel under pressure to do so and I felt like it was my decision, this is a pretty big statement coming from a self confessed hoarder.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner and put up with the mess for all this time."

Sarah, Photographer


"The Clothing Cleanse is a professional, un-intimidating, friendly way to recreate my style and my wardrobe. I now understand my clothing style, what clothes to look for (and what not to look for), and how to add and subtract clothing pieces into my wardrobe. It has been two months since my Clothing Cleanse and I am still using and referring to all the helpful information that I was given"

Brooke, Nurse

"I would highly recommend Hannah's Clothing Cleanse as an excellent form of self care to help busy people look and feel their best. Hannah's manner is kind, non judgemental and compassionate, and she was able to give me great tips on what styles suited me. It was wonderful having her opinion (and reassurance)  on how to put together/style various combinations that worked with what I had, in this way I discovered some new outfits with clothes lying dormant for years! She then made some great suggestions via links for a few key pieces to enhance my wardrobe, so my shopping can be more streamlined and efficient now. I love as well that Hannah has sustainability in mind, giving the details of her alterationist to have some favorite items repaired. Also, good to know that some of my 'pre-loved' items will be donated to a social enterprise for women. Thank you so much Hannah for giving me the boost that I needed!"

Sujata, Nutrionist

"Before I did the clothing cleanse, I was feeling helpless with my wardrobe/style. Every time I went shopping I felt overwhelmed and didn't have a clue about my own style, what suited me etc. I felt like I would end up spending all this money on things I would later not like, or not know how to wear. I would spend countless frustrated hours raiding my wardrobe trying on different outfits and feeling like nothing quite worked properly, and would end up throwing my hands in the air saying "I have nothing to wear!" despite having a wardrobe full of clothing.

The Clothing Cleanse was the best thing I could've done for myself. It reassured me I do have a "style", and showed me you don't need a wardrobe packed full of clothes, it's just about simplifying your options and choosing good quality garments that suit your own body shape. Hannah showed me what to look out for to avoid choosing unflattering clothes for my body type, which has helped when I'm shopping to sift through everything and work out what will actually be flattering and last for years to come. I have plenty of things in my own wardrobe I can work with, and Hannah helped to identify how to work items I didn't know how to wear/ what to wear with.

She also helped me to identify what my style is, and showed me some good websites/ blogs that match this. 

The day itself was fun, and not only did it give me confidence in my style and wardrobe, my wardrobe is now neat and tidy, and much more functional. It's so much easier to see/ pick out clothing, and Hannah gave me tips on how to store my things so they don't get ruined, damaged or worn too quickly. 

Since The Clothing Cleanse not once have I complained "I have nothing to wear!" which I'm sure most of us have been guilty of saying at some point...despite having jam-packed wardrobes."

Lani, Paramedic