Frequently asked questions 


"I'm embarrassed of my current wardrobe, it's not trendy or fashionable. You might judge me!"

The whole idea of the Clothing Cleanse is to find what works for YOU, not to dictate "what's hot and what's not". 

Trends in their essence are the antithesis of sustainability. They are designed to fade and hence force people into feeling that the clothes from yesterdays trends are no longer wearable. 

However, saying that, I don't believe we should all completely disregard fashion, fashion can be fun, its just about finding out what suits each individual. 



"I feel like having you go through my wardrobe is an invasion of my personal space"


Totally understandable! The Clothing Cleanse can take place in the lounge room, the kitchen, the garden, wherever, it really doesn't matter.

I will bring a clothing rack, so we just set up a temporary wardrobe wherever that may be.

If you are feeling a little unsure of having a complete stranger in your house, we can definitely meet for a coffee before the day to have a chat about what you would like from The Clothing Cleanse. 

"I'm afraid you'll donate clothes that I might wear once they become fashionable again"

This relates back to my philosophy on trends. 

I believe that an item of clothing either works for someone or it doesn't, I would not encourage you to donate something that completely suits you, regardless of whether its "in" or not.

If it were something that felt a bit dated, we could figure out ways to incorporate it into your current wardrobe, or I would do some research and find a classic, staple item to purchase that will help tie it in and give it a new look.